Graphic tees are all the rage for years now and they never go out of style. You may have experienced having your drawers overflow, hangers fall, and clothes spill through the cracks between closet doors. If you ever wondered how do you keep graphic tees looking new even when you have kept them for years, here are smart shirt hacks you can use.
How Do You Keep Graphic Tees Looking New

How Do You Keep Graphic Tees Looking New

Maximizing Storage

Graphic tees are a fashion favorite and you may have collected a lot of tees over the years. Your problem now is not on how to wear graphic tees but how to store them in mint condition.
Unless you want to learn how to shrink a cotton shirt with graphics to save space, maximize the capacity of your drawers by vertically stacking your shirts. By doing this you create a mini graphic art display where you can immediately recognize your tees and pull them out easily without ruining a stacked layer of folded clothes.
Save space in your closet not by knowing how to shrink a cotton shirt with graphics but by collecting and looping soda tabs in hangers. Using a few tabs in just one hanger will already do the trick, as you hang another hanger in the second hole created by the tab.
Is it possible to fold your shirts in two seconds using shirt folding hacks? Yes! Learn ideal shirt folding hacks by pinching the shirt in two points that will allow you to create a perfect square as you lift the shirt up. To ensure that the front design of the shirt is facing up, the lowest edge should be placed on a flat surface or table before folding over it.
Styling and Upcycling

For the sake of fashion, wear one of your favorite graphic shirts without a sweatshirt even when it’s chilly. Learn how to wear graphic tees during the cold so your backpack won’t pull back up and have your shirt ride up. Tuck the back part of your shirt just like how you’d normally tuck your clothes in your pants. How do you keep graphic tees looking new even when they are old? Cut up or upcycle your tee without ruining its design. Many tutorials are available online; just be careful in cutting to avoid creating a tiny tee that is too cropped.

Shirt Folding Hacks

Shirt Folding Hacks

Cleaning and Laundry

One way of caring for your graphic tees is to spray water to keep wrinkles at bay. You can also hang your shirt on the bathroom door or shower rood as you bask in a hot shower. To remove armpit stains from shirts, use commercial or homemade cleaners. Deodorants with aluminum are the culprit for stains so use other antiperspirant options to avoid staining your graphic shirts.

Learning how to stretch a shrunken shirt is essential, as you may have one or two shirts that shrunk due to washing in a large load of laundry. Unless you want to know how to shrink t shirts with graphics, you can make these shirts look new again by soaking them in hot water and hair conditioner. To know how to stretch a shrunken shirt, soak your shirts for about five minutes before stretching them back to the original size.
Wash screen printed shirts with care. Start first by washing them inside out so you can preserve the graphic art. To prevent shrinkage, use cold water and gentle cycle settings for machine wash. Only use warm water if you lost weight and you’d like to learn how to shrink t shirts with graphics so they can fit you better. Never machine dry your tees to prevent them from fading. Air dry is the best way to go. Now that you know how do you keep graphic tees looking new, you can avoid disposing tees that you have kept for so long. Take care of your graphic tees and rock them just like you usually do.