The graphic Tee has been gaining popularity over the past few years and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Originating from functional purposes like army and college branding, the graphic tee has morphed over time. But what is considered a graphic tee?

What is Considered a Graphic Tee – What is a graphic tee?

There are many kinds of t-shirts you can buy. In this article, we’ll break down what graphic tees are and highlight some of their features. We’ll also look into some of

What is Considered a Graphic Tee

What is Considered a Graphic Tee

the reasons they’re so popular.

What Is A Graphic Tee?

Graphic tees today are among the most common pieces of clothing. They are worn by both men and women all over the world. Simply put, a graphic Tee is a T-shirt with a graphic design located somewhere on the shirt. While some graphic tees have the image printed on the sleeves, back or side, the image is typically screen printed on the front of the shirt.


Graphic tees have been a fashion favorite for years, but they became more popular in the late 90s and early 2000s as clothing manufacturers and designers began to take advantage of a variety of graphic design techniques that were made possible by computers and technology.

Rather than describing the style or fit of a t-shirt, the graphic tees refer to t-shirts containing images. The images typically found on a graphic tee range from company logos and bands to licensed characters and random art. They’re also available for all ages, though they’re more popular among young men and girls. Graphic tees printed with licensed characters such as cartoons are most popular among the younger demographic while older kids tend to prefer artwork and name brand graphic logs created by music groups and bands.


Thanks to technological advancements in computer imaging software, iron-on transfer paper, and printers, it has become much easier for people to create their own graphic designs for T-shirts. There are also many companies offering to make tees from personal designs, giving would-be designers and fashion enthusiasts access to custom shirts.

Increasingly, designers are experimenting with repurposed graphics, symbols and layering to create unique compositions that stand out from the crowd.

What is Considered a Graphic Tee

What is Considered a Graphic Tee

Care Instructions

Graphic tees often need to be well cared for to keep the designs as good as new. In most cases, the care instructions should be noted on the fabric care label. As a general rule, however, you want to wash all your graphic tees inside out to prevent the image from cracking or fading. High-quality printing methods and fabrics are sturdier and will rarely need any additional attention besides normal wash and dry.

Bottom Line

With the tips mentioned above, you can now comfortably answer the question: what is considered a graphic tee. Graphic tees are popular because they’re visually appealing and always look attractive. They can be very effective at grabbing attention and offer one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself from others. You can also use a graphic tee to showcase your personal tastes and style choice. If you want to know more about graphic tees, our experts here at Good News Tee can assist you today.