While in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I spent the majority of my time eating great food, soaking in beautiful art, driving steep streets, and looking out at the ocean. One of these ocean-viewing times occurred while we were wandering along Fisherman’s Warf. Beyond the tourist-crowded pier, past the sun bathing sea lions, there they were -the sailboats. They peeked and poked along the ocean’s horizon. Massive ships bobbing along the waves. While the water was pretty calm that day, it was easy to imagine how rough the ocean can get and how that could make sailing very scary and dangerous. I had seen it happen in movies and on TV plenty of times -a storm quickly rolls in and a ship is then tossed around in the waves. The ocean spews all over the deck. Sailors are sliding and grasping for railings. Sometimes the boat even capsizes.

This isn’t typically the reality for these sailors, though. The sailors on these boats in the bay that I was looking out at. They were being kept in place and not drifting. These boats were not going to be turned in all directions or capsize. They were held sure by something probably less than 5% of their size …and anchor. The anchor is heavy, and when lowered into the water, it sinks all the way through the ocean’s depths to secure not only the ship, but the lives of those onboard.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure  -Hebrews 6:19

People may disappoint us..but Jesus never will. We may face rejection in this life..but so did Jesus. We may be talked about, lied about, or even misunderstood..but we know that the hope He offers is an anchor to our very soul. Our soul involves our mind and emotions. Beloved, when you are troubled. Your emotions wont be able to control you. Because you have used your anchor, you will not be tossed about from the storm that is in your life.